HYMAX Lunch & Learns

By Doug Riseden

LNL-starLunch & learn training sessions are some of the most popular events among HYMAX customers and distributors. Led by territory sales and tech support managers, these two-hour sessions are an opportunity to learn about Krausz products and how they work, and discuss issues within the group or one-on-one.  Some sessions also include hands-on product installation training to fully understand HYMAX products and how to properly install them.

One of the most engaging elements of the program involve sharing real-life situations. For example, attendees have asked how centering pins work on large diameter HYMAX couplings since these centering pins are often mistaken for set pins. End users wonder why they can’t be tightened down so we explain how these pins prevent the coupling from creeping down the pipe during installation. We also discuss different options provided by HYMAX including using shorter centering pins when the HYMAX is used in wastewater applications.

Of course, HYMAX provides lunch to everyone – it can be anything from pizza to homemade spaghetti or fish cooked up right on site. There is lots of time to make new friends, spend time with old friends, share experiences about existing and new Krausz products. Many times I hear “Oh, I didn’t know you had this” or “Oh we could have used that last week!” A great example is the HYMAX flanged adapter with an oval flange for two-inch meter installations. Attendees fall in love with this product when they see how easy the adapter is to use with new and replacement meter projects.

If your organization is interested in having a lunch and learn at your location, please contact me or your local territory sales manager. I’m at doug.riseden@krauszusa.com.

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