Product Spotlight: HYMAX Clamp

HYMAX Clamp quickly and easily repairs holes and longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes.  There are only two bolts to tighten for sizes up to 12” which makes installation simple and minimizes worker-time in the ditch. Three and four bolts are needed for larger sized pipes.Review Android

HYMAX CLAMP - print size

“Installers can easily position and attach HYMAX Clamp by sliding it over the pipe and then tightening only two bolts (sizes 12 inch and larger) with a double-click to confirm proper installation,” said Krausz USA President Tom Gwynn. “Installers can know with confidence that when they hear the double click, the HYMAX Clamp has been installed properly and the bolts will remain tight without the need to be re-torqued.”

HYMAX CLAMP becomes a permanent part of the pipe that reliably withstands harsh ground conditions offering a durable, long-term repair solution. The weld-free construction and 100% stainless steel body make it extremely tough and resistant to corrosion while the waffle-pattern gasket is securely connected with insulated bolts to the body of the clamp.

The HYMAX Clamp features a working range of up to 1.60” that can help save valuable inventory shelf-space and costs. It can replace up to three standard clamps that can be used on a range of pipe sizes and materials. This enables inventory reduction by keeping a smaller number of products on-hand while reducing the risk of installing the wrong sized clamp.

Be sure to stop by the HYMAX booth at ACE16 (#1863) to check it out.

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