Feb. 2019 HYMAX Connected

Welcome to the February issue of HYMAX Connected! This winter has been a harsh one so far for many across North America. Here’s hoping thing warm up sooner rather than later. In this issue, we feature a video that shows in real time the difference between installing a HYMAX coupling and an MJ coupling – so you can get out of the ditch (and the cold) faster.  HYMAX Training and Field Support Manager Cristi Bruns has a tip about what NOT to do with HYMAX gaskets and we show a bit of Cristi’s life after hours in this month’s employee profile.  

As always, I’m available by email at info@krauszusa.com. Just mention my name in the subject line and I will get your message.

All the best,
Cindy Kransler
Sales Vice President, HYMAX by Krausz


In this issue of HYMAX Connected
Feb. 2019 HYMAX Connected | VIDEO: Real Time Comparison of HYMAX vs. MJ coupling | Monthly Tip by a HYMAX Expert: Don't heat the gasket | HYMAX Expert Profile: Cristi Bruns | Meet Us