The Client
Luis Ramirez is the water superintendent for the City of Alamogordo which has a population of approximately 30,000. Its water is supplied from several sources, depending on seasonal and situational demands and the amount each can produce. The primary source comes from a system of spring compounds, infiltration galleries and stream diversions in the Fresnal and La Luz Canyon systems. The water collected from these areas is piped to the City’s 188 million gallon raw storage and treatment facility in La Luz, NM.

The Situation
In 2015, Ramirez had a scheduled repair on a water transmission line that supplied water from the city’s water plant located in La Luz. To fix the pipe, a section needed to be cut out, replaced and connected with two traditional 36-inch couplings. These had multiple bolts to tighten and required digging under the pipe to allow space for crew to lie on their back and tighten the lower bolts.

The Challenge
Ramirez was looking to minimize down time to ensure that water service was returned quickly. He also wanted to know that the solution would last long-term and quickly solve the problem.

The Solution
Ramirez decided to repair the water line by coupling the replacement pipe with two HYMAX large diameter 36” couplings.

There were four reasons why Ramirez made this choice.

1. Only Four Top-facing Bolts to Tighten
Compared to as many as 18 bolts in other 36-inch couplings, the HYMAX had only four top-facing bolts to tighten. That allowed for Ramirez’s crew to install the coupling quickly without digging under the pipe for space to tighten the bolts. With fewer bolts to tighten, crews spend less time in the ditch to help minimize safety risks.

2. One-piece, Stab-on Design
The HYMAX couplings feature a one-piece, stab-on design which was simpler to install compared to other large couplings which require assembling many different parts. The chances of complications occurring are higher the more parts are involved, and can lead to delays and complications such as losing bolts on the ground.

3. Exceptionally Wide Range
HLDs have an exceptional range of 2.1 inches and can connect pipes for a variety of different materials. Compared to other couplings, which are range-dedicated and limited to a single pipe size, installers have much greater flexibility to make repairs as they uncover pipes in the ditch.

4. Durable, Dynamic Deflection
The HYMAX large diameter couplings are durable and offered a long-term repair solution. They can absorb post-installation dynamic pipe deflection of up to 4° on each end to absorb pressure on the pipe due to shifting ground and changing temperatures. The deflection helped reduce the risk of damage and cracking while saving resources on constant future pipe repairs.

The HYMAX offered several advantages to help make the repair and ensure that it remained durable for years to come. HYMAX large diameter products are durable and feature dynamic deflection to help absorb stresses caused by shifting ground. Just as important, however, was the fact that the HYMAX was simpler and easier to install compared to similarly sized couplings. With its four top-facing bolts, workers did not have to dig under the pipe or lie under it to tighten bolts. The one piece, stab-on design also made the coupling easy to install. Finally, the exceptional wide range of the coupling meant that it could more easily fit pipes of differing sizes and material.