New Product at WEFTEC

HYMAX Connected:  New Products at WEFTEC

Hi! Summer already seems like a distant memory, and a sure sign that we’re moving into autumn is the arrival of WEFTEC – this year in New Orleans, October 1-3. HYMAX will be there showing off our newest products, like the HYMAX GRIP 16”, and ones that will be available soon. For the first time, we’ll present our HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve, a transition coupling that can connect to a mechanical joint while restraining the connecting plain pipe. We’ll also showcase the HYMAX TAPPED Clamp which can provide new service off a pipe to a meter or new service. Both will be available in early 2019 so be sure to drop by our booth (#751), see what we have coming up and say “hi” to us.  I’m also available by email at Just mention my name in the subject line and I will get your message.


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Cindy Kransler

Sales Vice President, HYMAX by Krausz



HYMAX is profiling a wide range of products at WEFTEC 2018 this year.  See below all the products you can check out at our booth #751.


Launched earlier this year, the HYMAX GRIP 16” restraint coupling features 70 tons of gripping power with only four top-facing bolts to tighten and a stab-fit, one-piece design.  Compared to similar products with multiple parts and as many as 12 bolts to tighten, the HYMAX GRIP 16” makes repairs safer and faster with less time in the ditch

HYMAX Large Diameter (HLD)

Designed to couple pipes that are 14” to 60” in diameter, HLDs require only 4 bolts to tighten compared to as many as 25 bolts for other similar sized couplings. Used for pipe section replacements, the couplings are simple to install with its one-piece, stab-on design and top-facing bolts that require no under-digging for bolt tightening. ​​​​​​​

HYMAX Grip Cut-In Sleeve

Available in Spring 2019

This is the first transition coupling that can connect to a mechanical joint while restraining the connecting plain pipe with only one bolt to tighten. Designed to connect valves and hydrants or existing lines with a mechanical joint connection, it’s made of ductile iron and features a HYMAX GRIP connection with gripping teeth for strong circular restraint around the pipe.

HYMAX GRIP Insulating Joint

Available in early 2019

A telescoping product that provides high electrical resistance for pipes to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents originating from neighboring infrastructure, such as railway lines and buildings. The Insulated HYMAX GRIP can be installed in minutes by standard installation crews, compared to other solutions that take several hours to install using specialized technicians and welders, helping cut installation labor costs by up to 80%.

HYMAX Tapped Clamp

Available in Spring 2019

HYMAX TAPPED Clamp – Available in spring 2019

The HYMAX TAPPED Clamp offers all the benefits of the HYMAX Clamp and provides a tapped outlet for use when adding new service to an existing line. Lightweight and made with 100% stainless steel, the HYMAX TAPPED Clamp with its single fold design and mat-type gasket can quickly and easily repair holes and longitudinal cracks with only two bolts to tighten for sizes up to 12”, and three and four bolts for larger sizes. ​​​​​​​

Product Profile:  HYMAX GRIP Cut-In Sleeve

HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve will be available in early 2019 as the newest addition to Krausz’s market-leading restraint family designed to connect valves and hydrants or existing lines with a mechanical joint connection. Made from ductile iron, the HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve is the first transition coupling that can connect to a mechanical joint while restraining the connecting plain pipe with only one bolt to tighten. The product also allows dynamic deflection of the pipe for up to 4°per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks, and effectively transforms the pipe connection into a flexible connection to help save on repeated repair costs.

The HYMAX GRIP’s patented universal gripping teeth provides circular restraint around the pipe, allowing the connecting plain-end pipe to be adjusted as needed to save time on cutting and installing extra pipe.  It also has a wide working range for pipes of different diameters, and replaces the need to use dedicated-sized transition couplings to help reduce inventory costs and save shelf-space. With the reduced number of bolts and its lightweight design, the HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve make repairs safer and faster with less time spent in the ditch.

Employee Profile:  Cindy Kransler


In her free time, HYMAX VP of Sales Cindy Kransler likes to hop on her motorcycle and enjoy the freedom of the road. She combines her passion for the highway with charity work through the Water Buffaloes. The non-profit conducts numerous charity rides ending at events throughout the year, raising funds and awareness for safe drinking water, sanitation services and environmental stewardship to communities in need. Her efforts have led to raising thousands of dollars for Water for People and being awarded the Kenneth J. Miller Founder’s award for her efforts. Look for Cindy and the Water Buffaloes at WEFTEC 2018 and ACE 2019!

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