June 2017 HYMAX Connected

Welcome to the June issue of HYMAX Connected.

The weather is warmer, spring is fading, the rain is stopping, and we are heading towards summer. Minimizing the time in the trench is always a concern, especially in live repairs. Thanks to its advanced technology and engineering, Krausz products enable a faster and safer installation and help save time and money. We are now proud to introduce the newest members of the GRIP restraint line of products: GRIP Reducer, GRIP Elbow, and the unique GRIP SwivelJoint, which we reveal in this issue. The SwivelJoint connects two pipes at any angle from 0° to 90°, providing a solution to any unusual situation in the field. No matter what angle installers need to join two pipes, the SwivelJoint can connect them easily and quickly. Installers can reduce their inventories and crews can make this kind of repair with fewer products in the truck as the HYMAX GRIP SwivelJoint can do the job of multiple products.

We are quickly approaching the ACE 2017 trade show held in Philadelphia, PA and we look forward to connecting you to the best products in the industry. Visit us at booth #809 to see the new members of the GRIP family!

Please contact me anytime if you have questions or comments at info@krauszusa.com. Just mention my name in the subject line.

All the best,

Cindy Kransler
Sales Vice President, Krausz USA

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