HYMAX® 2 family of coupling solutions offers innovative engineering and design, enabling fast stab-on installation, outstanding flexibility, as well as extreme durability in any working conditions. These unique advantages make the HYMAX® 2 a cost-effective, high-performance choice for a wide range of field applications.

HYMAX 2 is based on the original game-changing HYMAX that has been field-proven in millions of installations in the US:

  1. HYMAX 2’s patented flip gasket can be easily flipped in or out to accommodate different pipe OD’s
  2. Advanced no-tear gasket technology for maximum installation efficiency
  3. Only 2 top-facing bolts for faster, easier, safer installation
  4. Dynamic deflection of 4° per side – reducing future pipe damage
  5. Suitable for all types of pipes – ductile iron, cast iron, steel, copper, PE, PVC, AC, GRP

Krausz keeps a high level of inventory in several sites across North America, offering short lead times, supporting our customers in emergency repair situations. HYMAX 2 couplings come in 2″ to 12″ pipe nominal size, providing quality solutions for pipe repair, join and restrain applications, using diverse products and superior quality raw materials.

For HYMAX product installation instructions and individual specification sheets, please follow the links marked below to the product pages.