The newest addition to the HYMAX High Pressure couplings family – 2 options:

HYMAX DI High Pressure. Available in sizes 1.5″ to 12″, the HYMAX DI High Pressure is designed to accommodate extra high water pressure. It has a working range of up to 0.9″ in sizes 4″-12″ and withstands high pressure up to 333 psi.

HYMAX DI Wide-range High Pressure. Available in sizes 4″ to 12″, the HYMAX DI wide-range high-pressure is designed to provide high durability and a wide working range. Its working range is up to 2.06″ for sizes 4″-8″ and 0.9″ for sizes 7″-12″.

Both options are made of ductile iron and therefore provide high product durability even under adverse ground conditions.

HYMAX DI coupling is recognized for of all the advantages of the game-changing HYMAX family – 2 top-facing bolts for faster and safer installation, high-reliability and ease-of-use as well as up to 4° dynamic deflection per side. It accommodates all metal and plastic pipes and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Time-tested and field-proven for over 20 years with millions of installation worldwide, our HYMAX coupling solutions support all your field needs and are your safest choice coupling.

nominal pipe size: HP 1.5” – 12” - - - Wide Range 4"-12"
working pressure: 260 PSI
top facing bolts: 2