Krausz USA has introduced its new wide-range HYMAX 2 Coupling, the next-generation HYMAX.

Used for section replacement, HYMAX 2 connects two pipes of the same or different OD pipes and materials, up to 1.3” range.

HYMAX 2 is based on the original game-changing HYMAX that has been field-proven in millions of installations in the US:

  1. HYMAX 2’s patented flip gasket can be easily flipped in or out to accommodate different pipe OD’s
  2. Advanced no-tear gasket technology for maximum installation efficiency
  3. Only 2 top-facing bolts = faster, easier, safer installation
  4. Dynamic deflection of 4° per side – reducing future pipe damage
  5. Suitable for all types of pipes – ductile iron, cast iron, steel, copper, PE, PVC, AC, GRP

Product performance, OD range and pressures are identical to those of the original Hymax


    Just flip the No-tear gasket from the inside out to accommodate larger OD pipes.

  Closed gasket position  Flip the gasket for wider range


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For HYMAX product specification sheets and product installation instructions, click the download links on this page.

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                               SIZES 2″ to 12″

pdf HYMAX 2 Coupling Installation Instructions (2" - 12")
pdf HYMAX 2 Specification Sheet
Hymax 2 The Next Generation Coupling
nominal pipe size: 2” – 12”
working pressure: 260 psi
top facing bolts: 2