Wide-range HYMAX Flange Adaptor connects any flanged device, such as valves, pumps and other devices, with a variety of pipe circumferences and materials, up to 2.1” range.

NEW – HYMAX products will soon be available with NBR gaskets (sizes 2″-12″).

pdf HYMAX Flange Adaptor Installation Instructions
pdf Appendix for Installing a HYMAX Coupling with Insulating Boot
pdf HYMAX Flange Adaptor Specification Sheet
nominal pipe size: 1.5” – 12”
working pressure: 175 psi
torque: 35 – 65 ft-lbs
top facing bolts: 1
nominal pipe size: 14” – 24”
working pressure: 175 psi
torque: 150 ft-lbs
top facing bolts: 2