WATERPRO 2017 “Safety in the Trenches!”


See you at Doug Riseden’s WATERPRO 2017 Featured Session:

Safety in the Trenches: Prevent Trench Accidents and Keep Your Workers Secure

Tuesday, September 19, 2017: 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Is there anything more important than safety on the work site? Of course not, the most important thing you’ll do today is to go home. Go home to family, friends, four legged friends!

In the training session at WaterPro we will:
• Figure out why we have trench accidents
• Discuss how to prevent these type of accidents
• Talk about Competent Persons on the job site
• Discuss Shoring, Benching & Trench Boxes
• Types of Soils
• Communications
• PTSD-Post Trench Stress Disorder

I want to hear about your concerns for your staff in the trenches! See you at the show!

Doug Riseden
Training and Field Support Manager
Hymax by Krausz

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